What to Wear for Summer Workouts

http://www.blogilates.com This is the first episode of “The Fashion of Fitness” hosted by YouTube fitness guru Cassey Ho, best known for her POP Pilates workouts. Today Cassey shares with us her fave workout clothes for summer a slimming tank and pair of booty shorts from Margarita Activewear. Watch as Cassey takes the items through a series of fit tests to see if they are functional as well as fashionable.

CRAZY PARK HIIT WORKOUT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRdjtdXM-Wc


Margarita top: http://www.activewearusa.com/store/pc/Margarita-Activewear-Top-928-51p2375.htm

Margarita booty shorts: http://www.activewearusa.com/store/pc/Margarita-Activewear-Shorts-973-Print-51p2072.htm

All things Margarita: http://www.activewearusa.com/store/pc/Margarita-Activewear-c51.htm

All things activewear: http://www.ActivewearUSA.com

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Author: Zoey

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