Revive Any Room With These Simple Hacks

Is your bedroom a little dull? Are the tired of looking at the same lackluster decorations? Save any room from being dull and boring and revive it with these simple DIY hacks. 

DIY Headboard

Nothing says dreamy like a brand new headboard. No matter what size your bed is make it be even cozier with a hand made headboard. Whether you want to feel like a queen or a adventurer in the woods find many ideas here.



DIY Plant Hanger

Bring in the loving scent of nature into your home with these easy to make plant hangers. Find  out how to combine nature and home here.

Urchin Collective Plant Hanger



Washi Tape

Duck Tape decorating is a thing of the past. Washi Tape is the thing of the now. Use Washi tape to make cool picture frames or motivational posters. Find a brief history of Washi Tape here and more DIY ideas here.




Baking Sheet Magnet Boards

Spray paint, a baking sheet and magnets goes along way. Hang up pictures, to-do list or anything else that is important. Find out how here.




 Shoe Box Charging Station

Coral all the iPhone, iPad, laptop and camera chargers in one tech organizer. Gather all your chargers in one neat area. Find the shoe box charging station here.


Author: Ashlee

Hello there! My name is Ashlee, I currently live in Oakland, California. I am very blessed and thrilled to say that I am a child of God. I finally understand the miracles and the triumphs of Jesus Christ. I am the biggest crafting nerd out there. I run my own Etsy shop named Sickly Silly, the items range from crayon melts to hand drawn silhouettes. I dream of having a career in the art world whether that be a storyboard artist or an art director, but for now my day job is a Preschool Teacher Aide. I have worked with preschool child for 2 years now. It is a great experience to see children grow and explore the world around them.

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