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DIY Pencil Art Drawings

Art is not just a word to some individuals, sometimes it is a feeling or one just gets happy when they either hear or see art. Art helps people with frustration, anger, happiness, sorrow, and any other type of emotion. There are many different types of art, but the there is one in particular that interests me most. One can say that pencil art may be the most influential art that there is, because there is no color.

When looking at a portrait or picture that only has black and white in it, it helps to see the reality in a drawing but more importantly, one can feel the emotion in a pencil drawing. Rather that having a portrait that is in color. Pencil art drawing is more about feeling and emotion and is more acceptable to those who really love this version of art. Being an artist myself the satisfaction of drawing with a pencil and seeing the outcome of the drawing draws in pure adrenaline for me. It may do this also for people who love to do pencil art. One may say that pencil art drawing may be bland and colorless, but at the end of the day it is deeper than color.

Pencil art drawing is compatible to the world because the simple fact is that the world is a pencil. It is full of different shades, sizes, and depending on who it is talent. Looking outside the box, one can come to the understanding that all pencils are the same. Every one is different and no one draws the same portrait unless it is very popular and the popular pictures are the one's that are in color. This goes to say that even though pencil drawings have no color, they hold the most because of the detail that one is able to see in the portrait itself. Because in some cases color in a portrait is not always a good thing. Keep in mind that art did not start with color, it started as a feeling transferred from the brain to paper. Also that every one has their own different type of emotion. Any and every one is able to create a pencil drawing because no one will have the same one because we are all different.

When one is able to understand pencil art as an emotion and not just a word, then that individual will be able to understand themselves.

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