10 DIY Canvas Crafts

Wow! Checkout these awesome DIY Canvas Crafts

Looking to revamp a room. Are the walls looking a little dull, but you don’t want the hassle of repainting. Never fear check out these ten canvas crafts.

1. Crayon Art

Crayon Melt

One of the most popular types of canvas art. Make it look like rainbow rain or anything your heart dreams. All you need is a few simple materials and patience. Click here for a tutorial.

2. Ombré


Ombré hair, ombré nails and now ombré wall art. This piece combines ombré colors and cut outs. Check it out here.

3. Fabric


Take the quick and simple route, find the tutorial here.

4. Quote


It’s time to put those old magazines to good use. Round them up and find out how to make this fun quote here.

5. Rub On

rub on

Doilies aren’t just for your grandma anymore. Give any room a classic look here.

6. Cut Out

cut out

Stencils and a pair of scissors go a long way find out how here.

7. Glitter


With a ton of patience and even more glitter, bring some razzle dazzle into your home. Find it here.

8. Photo Collage

insta collage

Hang your Instagram feed on the wall. Get this vintage photo collage here.

9. Pinwheel


Learn how to make this multi-colored canvas here.

10. Night Light


Being afraid of the dark never looked so cool. Get the details here.